5 things no health freak can live without

5 things no health freak can live without

5 things no health freak can live without

Here at Redemption we use all kinds of different ingredients, from avacados to micro amaranth shoots, chia seeds to raspberry coulis. These clever little things each bring unique colours and flavours to the dinner table, and we love them dearly. However we would be nowhere without our fabulous basics too.

Here are our top five base ingredients we always have in stock at Redemption:

1) Fresh fruit and vegetables

Every single one of our dishes uses at least one fruit or vegetable, so we always ensure we have a healthy stock of locally sourced and where possible organic fruit and vegetables.

2) Coconut Oil

Where would we be without our beloved friend, coconut oil… Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on our health, including fat loss, better concentration and increased energy levels. Our stockroom is piled high with the stuff.

3) Almond Milk / Other milk alternatives

There are a huge range of milk alternatives, but almond milk is definitely one of our favourites. With its rich and creamy taste, it is the perfect alternative to cow’s milk. We feel like we are keeping the almond milk companies going sometimes with the amount we use!

4) Quinoa

As one of our staple ingredients in some of our most popular dishes, quinoa is a health freak’s best friend. Packed with fibre and nutrients, it’s the grain that keeps on giving. Just please don’t say KWI-NOA… it’s KEEN-WAH *sassy hair flick*.

5) Cacao powder/nibs

Cacao is the ultimate power plant of many of our sweet treats. From dark chocolate tarts to raw chocolate brownies, it provides the chocolate hit we all crave but with the added oomph of nutrients.