Andrea’s top 5 ingredients to beat the winter blues

Andrea’s top 5 ingredients to beat the winter blues

Andrea’s top 5 ingredients to beat the winter blues

We love party season, but come January we are dying to get some balance back in our life – without sacrificing our passion for good and plentiful food. There’s nothing more depressing than being faced with an unimaginative pile of wilting salad leaves and a diet Coke…it’s January, it’s cold and we want to cleanse the Redemption way!

Rather then getting depressed, let’s try to see January as an opportunity to cleanse the system after the indulgences of Christmas, a time to boost the immune system and clear out the toxins. For example these key ingredients (used heavily in our January detox menu) will assist in raising your metabolism, aiding digestion and boosting your immune system, while helping you to lose weight.

Beetroot is renowned for its ability to stimulate the liver’s detoxification process with high levels of betacyanin and antioxidant vitamin c which boosts cellular intake of oxygen for an excellent internal body cleanser.

Used in:  Beetroot Linguine, Beet-o-Tini, Heart Beats smoothie

Ginger and turmeric are world class disease-fighting spices. Ginger spikes your metabolism whilst the curcumin in turmeric helps the liver and digestion.

Used in: Bombay Love smoothie, Green Is The New Black smoothie, Flu Fighters cocktail, Lemongrass Laska

Parsley, a diuretic herb, helps the plumbing to run smoothly flushing out all those excess toxins quickly and efficiently.

Used in: Many of our soups of the day

Quinoa is a perfect gluten free source of protein to fill you up while providing nourishment.

Used in: Maki Rolls, 

Spice up your health with red hot chilli peppers – they help speed up the metabolism, aid digestion and curtail all manner of winter aliments –  the perfect antidote to a cold January day!”

Used in: almost everything!

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