Female entrepreneurs unite at Southbank

Female entrepreneurs unite at Southbank

Female entrepreneurs unite at Southbank

International Women’s Day has been a global hit, celebrating and empowering women in all corners of the world, and sparking discussions across a number of gender-specific topics.  

Fuelled by the accessibility of social media, a piping hot discussion point has been women in business, which is something we’re particularly passionate about here at Redemption – a business run by two female entrepreneurs. In fact as such we have been asked to contribute to WOW, The Southbank’s Women of the World festival which celebrates women and girls, and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential – on Sunday 13th March.

Andrea and I see ourselves as humans rather than females – we are just a couple of feisty headstrong people utilizing our talents and giving something ballsy a go. Both our mums were thought leaders and they have taught us well.  We have faced, and continue to face, huge challenges and obstacles in our journey, often from middle class, middle aged men, so we are not unused to discrimination.   It’s unacceptable to be underestimated because you are female, but you can use that to your advantage in business.  For example, often people don’t realise they are being negotiated with, and blokes will do you favours because they think you need help, which can actually be quite handy!

What we are aiming to do with Redemption is to provide people with a positive choice.  The hardest decision you’ll make is to come to Redemption, and after that you can’t make a bad decision for yourself, society, animals or the planet.  Choice is such an important thing that we too often take for granted in our country. Given that we are so lucky to have the power and the opportunity to set up a business, we feel it’s important to set one up which gives back to the universe rather than making a fast buck out of something which would damage it.

It all boils down to the fact that ideally we shouldn’t have to have a day for women, where we can amplify the inequalities between genders – if we keep evolving and developing, hopefully we won’t need International Women’s Day to bring these issues to general attention. But until then we’ll keep working our hardest to build our redeeming enterprise.


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