Good FridayGram

Good FridayGram

Good FridayGram

With Easter finally upon us, it’s a time for reflection. It feels particularly apt after almost two years of trading.

Lots of successes to celebrate, lots of bruises to heal and lots of lessons learned.

The response to Redemption from the public and the media has been amazing. We’ve had love from great organizations like Cancer Research, Southbank Centre and Virgin.

The single biggest challenge has been finding a site to trade in – but we’ve managed to pull off 3 residencies whilst bidding for about 6 sites, all of them lost, one way or another.

We have something looking very promising and it would have been amazing to have been able to announce it now, but we just don’t want to jinx it!

We’ll be using this Easter to have a little break, to mark the end of the beginning for Redemption (and to celebrate of course!)

So here’s to a rebirth and new beginnings.