Health is for life – not just for January

Health is for life – not just for January

Health is for life – not just for January

What with Dry January, Dryathlon and Veganuary, January 2016 seems to have brought about a seachange in the perception of both veganism and booze-free choices.

The national media has been full of articles that analyse the change in behaviour towards this form of mindful living, and it’s perhaps no surprise that Redemption featured a number of times in some high profile pieces this month.

But now January is over and we are ‘free’ to return to ‘normal’ life – what have we learned?

Research has shown that going booze-free (or at least taking it down a notch – we’re realistic, after all) has dramatic effects on sleep quality, blood glucose levels, liver fat, cholesterol and concentration levels.

Enjoying a vegan diet – whether it’s full time or part time – means you’re caring for your health, our planet and the animals that live here.

Apparently making sugar-free choices actually helps with depression, improves skin tone, lowers your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer (plus much more!). If that isn’t a reason to pull back on the white stuff, I don’t know what is. Thankfully there are loads of alternatives available – like coconut sugar, for example – that mean desserts can still well and truly be on the menu.

If it’s all too much to think about, don’t worry, let us do the thinking for you.  You make one big decision to come to Redemption, and once you’re there you can’t make a bad decision!  Here’s to a fab Feb and see you soon.

Catherine x

Redemption Bar is arguably London’s healthiest restaurant, serving up vegan, sugar-free, and wheat-free food with an alcohol-free bar. Our two restaurants in Notting Hill and Shoreditch are being described by many as the best vegan restaurants in London. Our motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’, and our ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves. Come and visit London’s top alcohol-free, vegan bar – or order in via the luxury delivery service SUPPER if you live in central London.