How to market to the under-30s

How to market to the under-30s

How to market to the under-30s

The under-30s demographic can be tricky to market to, but I found they aren’t as elusive as they appear.

With Redemption, I was mindful that this particular generation are very ethically aware. It’s not just about coming up with a cool marketing campaign.

The under-30s on the whole have great ethical credentials, so it’s important to provide them with something they believe in. It’s much more about substance than style.

After this is established you can start thinking about how to dress up the concept like thinking of names and what you want the brand to look like.

For Redemption, we went to the number one neon fabricator in London from to create our funky sign- they make Tracey Emin’s neons. Little decisions like that are really important in terms of positioning the brand as something that young people can relate to.

This then flows through in terms of the staff we employ and the music we play. This helps us to connect with the younger audience on a genuine level.

And hopefully it doesn’t feel like people over 40 trying to appeal to people under 30!