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Colombian Coffee is Coming!

Colombian Coffee is Coming!

Redemption is introducing a new artisan coffee company, Cata Café, who will be operating in Redemption Notting Hill from 14th August 2017 weekdays from 7am-4pm.

Cata Café is the brainchild of coffee entrepreneur Catalina Gutiérrez who hails from Bogotá with a great passion for the new wave of speciality coffee. As a Colombian, this passion for coffee is in the blood therefore she wants to use Cata Café as a platform to connect the people of London with excellent Colombian coffee, linking consumers right back to the origins of the cup.

Cata Café will open on 14th August 2017 in Redemption’s Chepstow Road space from 7am – 4pm, providing a medium-roast house blend and a light roast single origin, delivered in espresso style, filter, and cold brew.

Redemption CEO & Founder Catherine Salway said, “This particular enclave of Notting Hill is really underserved for decent coffee. Cata Café will give our local customers a fantastic coffee choice in the mornings and lunchtimes. And then we’ll be open in the evenings and weekends as usual, doing our full menu ”

Cata Café founder Catalina Gutiérrez said “Our team has great respect for our colleagues in the coffee industry which is why, as baristas representing the last stage of such a fascinating supply chain, we recognise the important of preparing a real cup of coffee that reflects their efforts and is tailored individually. My mission for this pop up project is to change the perception of coffee in this area of Notting Hill”

Cata Café will serve a small selection of salads, porridge, chia pods, vegan cakes and more alongside the coffee 7am-4pm.

Redemption will be open in the evenings and at weekends as usual.