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Supper Club With a Twist: can healthy eating and lifestyle help prevent cancer?

We’re excited to announce the birth of a new concept : “Supper Club with a Twist”!

Join us on the 9th of March from 7pm to 10pm.

Chantal Di Donato of Live Lean Health is joining forces with the founders of Redemption Bar Catherine and Andrea. We will be creating a space for our guests to come together, meet awesome people, share the love, enjoy the kindest food on the block and learn wonderful and unique information about one of the most relevant subjects in health: Cancer

Come and join Chantal and a list of wonderful speakers who will share their experience, scientific and holistic knowledge and who will answer any question you might have. Whilst Chantal will focus on the subject of immune system and gut health, the guest speakers below, who are truly amazing human beings with unique stories, will bring their expertise to you and will be sharing their most personal thoughts and wisdom:

DR-DOCKDr. Dominique Dock

This man really needs no introduction; he is Live Lean’s in house GP. Dr Dock has an impressive Bio and you can read more about his specialities here. As a scientist he will be speaking about prevention and moderating the panel with me.




Zoe Lindt Van’t Hof

Zoe learned about health and nutrition from her late mother, who had been in the health food industry for over 40 years and passed away from Breast Cancer. Zoe is the founder and owner of Wunder Workshop, a conscious and holistic business focused on Turmeric from an organic Ayurvedic farm in Sri Lanka, where Zoe travelled with her mom and learned all about this super spice. Zoe will speak about her experience with her mom’s disease and the hope she has for health through natural remedies. Zoe is also the founder of Boobs Essential a brand of essential oil blends aimed at women to care for their breasts and massage them daily for early cancer detection.


TomTom Smale

WW’s co-founder and pharmacologist. Having worked in the medical world, Tom was convinced that there was more out there than conventional medicine allowed. Having stumbled across the benefits of turmeric in his studies he was keen to follow a more natural path towards disease prevention and will share Turmeric’s health benefit from a scientific point of view on our panel.


tamas-pic-e1486058876456-150x150Tamas Vincze

Cancer thriver, Tamas Vincze, will be part of the panel to share his own journey through Cancer: his struggle with the disease and the awareness to adopting a healthier and more holistic lifestyle and diet, whilst still continuing to pursue his career in finance. His inspiring story is a true testament to the human will power to wanting to heal but also his struggle after conventional medical treatments.


Rosies-headshot-black-and-whiteRosie Dickinson

Rosie is the awesome founder and recipe creator of The Healthy Juice Company. After years in the food industry, Rosie was introduced to juicing by a client on the other side of the pond and started doing more research into juicing, intermitted fasting and cleansing. Her ethos is to use the most amazing organic products she can find, the recipes change daily as she makes the juices, and nothing is in plastic, all in glass! she will share her expertise and experience with healing the body with cleanses and juicing as well as the effects of plastic on the body and why she refuses to ever package anything in anything but glass!

Tickets cost £45 and Included within this price is a 3 course meal, drinks, a dessert, a goodie bag full of gorgeous and healthy products by our sponsors below, and a full transcript of the information shared as well as our bespoke recipes from the evening!

Places are limited so book your spot now. We will share the full menu next week, which will be vegan, free from gluten, refined sugars and alcohol. We will be happy to accommodate for any allergies so please let us know when you purchase your ticket!

Click here to buy your ticket for the 9th or March 7pm-10pm:

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