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All sorts of shiny new things

All sorts of shiny new things

Hello and Happy New Year!

We hope you don’t need to seek too much redemption after the holiday season – but we’re always here if you do…

In fact, we’re super excited to announce that we have opened our second site in Shoreditch! So even more of you beautiful people can seek redemption (We’re at 320 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DR if you want to come and find us.)

With a greater number of people to redeem, we’ve raised our game with an exciting and nutritious January detox menu from Andrea.

New dishes include: a kelp noodle & lemongrass laksa with shitake mushrooms, spring onions, red chilli, ginger and coconut water; roasted pumpkin coated in cashew & gamasio with avocado, lemon, garlic and detox powerhouse horseradish guacamole; and an amazing new raw dish – beetroot linguine with kale & almond pesto with wild rocket and lemon flaxseed oil.

On top of that we’re working with Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon campaign to give people plenty of ideas for alcohol-free cocktails if they are taking January off booze, and we are also delivering to central London via the Michelin-star restaurant delivery service, supper.

We’re delighted to have featured in the news over the past week or so, too – both the Metro and The Observer have shone a light on Redemption, and we’ve had lots of love on social media too! It looks like 2016 is getting off to a healthy and happy start! Phew! We look forward to seeing you soon :)

Redemption Bar is arguably London’s healthiest restaurant, serving up vegan, sugar-free, and wheat-free food with an alcohol-free bar. Our two restaurants in Notting Hill and Shoreditch are being described by many as the best vegan restaurants in London. Our motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’, and our ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves. Come and visit London’s top alcohol-free, vegan bar – or order in via the luxury delivery service SUPPER if you live in central London.

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Andrea’s Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Andrea’s Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

It’s Friday, and it’s cold, and it’s raining. These 3 things mean it’s absolutely time for a hot drink, and what better than a cosy hot chocolate to warm your hands and heart up!? Our wonderful head chef, Andrea reveals her delicious recipe for the greatest vegan sugar free hot chocolate. This little number will help to raise your serotonin levels and make you smile all over.Capture


1 cup of organic (soaked overnight) RAW almonds

3 cups of pure water

½ a cup of pitted Medjool dates

3 tablespoons of RAW cocao

A pinch of pink Himalayan salt


Rinse almonds and drain

Blitz all ingredients together

Strain through a fine sieve

Warm gently

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Autumn Vibes

Autumn Vibes

Well firstly, we can’t quite believe October is nearly over! We feel like we’re going to blink and it will be Christmas (are we allowed to mention that word yet?)

We’ve introduced some cosy autumn dishes to our menu which have already proved extremely popular, including the butternut squash curry, goddess salad and pumpkin soup:

If salads are your thing, then Creative Director and Exec Chef of Redemption, Andrea Waters recommends the new raw rainbow goddess salad: “I love the raw goddess salad because it is raw – so it’s incredibly healthy and gives you loads of energy – but it’s warming because it’s got the chilli element.  And because it has the creamy avocado mayonnaise it feels very satisfying. On top of that we like to add intrigue and interest with the combination of chewiness of dates and crunchiness of pecans.  It’s a beautifully colourful and varied dish and it really works!”

Oh and we’ve also added some warm, autumnal tones and touches, obviously because it looks pretty- but also so we can properly assure ourselves that summer is in fact over.

FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (9)


That’s all for now! Have a lovely week and happy Halloween!


A beverage bonanza

A beverage bonanza

We are all about the good stuff here at Redemption, so we just thought we’d pull together a few of our favourite snaps of the delicious drinks we serve here at Redemption. All of our drinks are alcohol-free and low in natural sugars. If you need a cosy winter warmer, we offer a range of high quality ethical teas and coffees including Union Coffee, served with fresh almond, coconut or soy milk.

Which one is your favourite?

1. Apple Mock-Jito

2. Elderflower Fizz & Coco-Rita

3. Beet-o-Tini

4. Lettuce Spray

5. Green is the new black

6. Tomato Tonic

7. Cappucino with almond milk

8. Delicious, dairy-free hot chocolate

Don’t forget to post your gorgeous pics up next time you visit!

Our 5 top Instagram posts of the week

Our 5 top Instagram posts of the week

We’ve been inundated with so many wonderful images from the land of Instagram… and it looks like everyone enjoying a bit of Redemption. So we thought we’d pop five of the most popular ones in one place for you to nosey at. Don’t forget to take an arty snap of your food next time you visit us –  your photo could feature here too!







What’s the secret to success?

What’s the secret to success?

How can you become successful? In this week’s vlog, Catherine reveals the secret to success; namely that there isn’t one. She highlights the importance of recognising failure as a natural side effect of success, and why we should embrace and learn from it. Take a watch for yourself:

Sneak Peak: Tour of Redemption Bar

Sneak Peak: Tour of Redemption Bar

We do love a good old behind the scenes video, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll love this week’s FridayGram: Catherine gives you an exclusive tour of Redemption Bar Notting Hill, disco ball and all – take a look below!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

We consider ourselves a snazzy bunch, but this was’t always the case.  A lot of thought and planning went into bringing our little place together, and it’s so exciting to see the vision come to life. Stick around for next week where we give you an EXCLUSIVE tour of Redemption!

If at first you don’t succeed…

If at first you don’t succeed…

Hello and Happy Friday! It’s been a great week here at Redemption as the leftover sparkle from Notting Hill Carnival dies down. We’ve been reflecting on how far we’ve come in the few weeks we’ve been open, and how we overcame the various obstacles thrown in our path. We’re very proud of where we are now but it certainly hasn’t been easy! Watch the video below where Catherine releases the Redemption blooper reel:

Thanks for watching!

Redemption in the Spotlight

Redemption in the Spotlight

People have been saying some really lovely things about us recently. So we thought we’d neatly wrap them up in a little blog post for you… call it a cocoon of reviews if you will. A cosy cocoon that is turning into a beautiful butterfly. Have we taken this metaphor too far? Right you are. On with the show….


The Daily Mail:

Basically, they liked us. We feel like the Regina George of Journalism has just told us she likes our shirt and now we’re only ever going to wear this shirt you know? We’re so glad they enjoyed it and we weren’t left feeling personally victimised.

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Grazia created a cheeky poll asking it’s readers whether or not they’d go to an alcohol-free bar. We voted yes, but then we are slightly biased. Luckily the majority of you so far seem to agree, with the yeses holding 76% of votes (ATOW)

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Visit London

These lovely people featured us on their list of the best healthy restaurants in London. Suppose we’ll have to agree to agree.

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Oh So London

Oh So London said we were pretty darn splendid – but don’t take our word for it – take theirs…

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The Blondoner

“The best thing about this place is when I walked out of the restaurant, I didn’t feel the slightest bit sick or bloated. I actually felt amazing!”

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