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a tour around the healthiest autumn menu in London

As the nights draw in, the wind picks up and the leaves fall, we finally accept summer is behind us. Sob! But now we embrace the richer, earthier tastes of autumn and look forward to the mysterious promise of Halloween, Bonfire Night and beyond.

It might be tempting to succumb to sausages and mash, but here at London’s healthiest restaurant we have a mission to create super healthy food which is exciting, delicious and satisfying. Here are a few highlights from our new autumn menu, which we are really excited about. We hope you will love it too.

We’ve been serving our amazing nerone black rice risotto with English asparagus and peas all summer, but now the dish will excite the umami palette with the deep rich flavours of seasonal wild mushrooms and earthy porcini. Customers are genuinely incredulous that this dish is vegan and gluten-free.

We love a bit of spice in our lives and so we’ve added firecracker cauliflower – sticky baked cauliflower florets with a ginger, garlic, chilli and tamari sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds. This works beautifully as a sharer with our grilled aubergine and tahini (with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and fresh micro basil).

Many of you will be aware of our mighty-instagrammable buckwheat pancakes and now we are giving them an autumn twist by serving them with banana, caramelised pecans and maple syrup – hmmm, resistance is futile!

We have an exciting new range of desserts with vanilla and acai cheesecake, a festive pumpkin pie, and a totally indulgent ruby forest gateau – layers of rich chocolate mousse on a crunchy nutty chocolate base with raspberries and vanilla cream. And yes they are STILL low in natural sugars, gluten-free, wheat-free and bursting with only good fats.

On top of that we are getting great feedback from our newly extended drinks menu, full of smoothies, raw juices, alcohol-free cocktails and beautiful warming teas and lattes.

Overall we hope we have delivered one of the most exciting top vegan restaurant menus in London, and a great place for eating out if you want to spoil yourself without spoiling yourself. We hope to welcome you soon.

Here are the menus for you to browse:

Notting Hill weekday daytime menu

Notting Hill weekday evening menu

Notting Hill weekend daytime menu

Shoreditch daytime menu

Alcohol Free London

Alcohol Free London

Alcohol Free October
Fro co rita at Redemption
Being the owners of London’s only real alcohol-free restaurant, we often get asked our opinion on going alcohol-free for a month, whether that be Go Sober For October, Dryathlon or Dry January. The answer is, of course, we are all for it! Our customers tend to be young cool people who like the idea of having a night off all the usual temptations and buy into ‘eat clean’ living. But when these campaigns are running we get a broader type of customer as more of the general public try going alcohol-free.

I’ve read reports that show that by taking a month off, we can help to reset ourselves and our drinking and that helps us to cut back over the year. This in turn helps improve the quality of our life with things like sleeping better and keeping our flab under control.

The way our society has developed is that you often feel like a social outcast having to explain not having a drink, which is crazy considering we are constantly being told we drink too much. Happily these campaigns are making it more part of our normal culture to not drink which is getting us back to a better place of balance. But you don’t have to sign up to a particular label or campaign – these days it’s becoming quite socially acceptable to tell friends you’re doing 5:2 with drinking, or laying off the booze during the week.

Which ever way you decide to play it, we are happy to see you and happy to support you in one of our two London bar restaurants. We have upgraded our drinks menu, so as well as things like alcohol-free lager, we also have an extensive range of alcohol-free cocktails such as the pious pina colada, the apple mockjito and the fro-co-rita. All served up in lovely glasses in a cool environment so you don’t feel like you’re missing anything. Come and spoil yourself without spoiling yourself!

Our 5 top Instagram posts of the week

Our 5 top Instagram posts of the week

We’ve been inundated with so many wonderful images from the land of Instagram… and it looks like everyone enjoying a bit of Redemption. So we thought we’d pop five of the most popular ones in one place for you to nosey at. Don’t forget to take an arty snap of your food next time you visit us –  your photo could feature here too!