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Temple of Ten

Temple of Ten

Redemption introduces the new Temple of Ten Buddha Bowl

Get all your ‘10-a-day’ in one meal – it doesn’t matter what you do for the rest of the day!

There was a audible gasp of horror and a cynical reaction on Twitter when scientists recently revealed that the ‘5-a-day’ fruit and vegetable target was in fact INCORRECT, and we should be eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables every day in order to stay healthy.

With most of us struggling to even hit 5 portions of fruits and vegetables in a day, the new target of 10 seems completely unachievable. But not any more! We’ve just launched the ‘Temple of Ten’ bowl containing 10 portions of vegetables in just one delicious dish. Yes, it’s massive.

We’ve been getting lots of rave revies for our plant-based food but now we have upped the ante and created the only dish in London to contain the full daily target of vegetables in our new 10-a-day ‘Temple of Ten’ bowl, for only £15.

This plentiful bowl features at least 10 key life-giving ingredients totaling at least 800g of vegetables. As well as the daily nutritional target being reached, the bowl itself is tasty, delicious and satisfying.

It features:
• roasted deep purple sweet potatoes drizzled with a peanut & coconut sauce;
• Japanese style sautéed kale, mushrooms, spinach and broccoli with a rich miso, fresh ginger and tamari sauce;
• pickled turmeric and ginger cauliflower with nigella seeds,
• a crunchy slaw-type salad with red cabbage, julienned carrots, peppers, mange tout, with a pineapple chilli dressing with sesame seeds.

The dish is a contemporary offering designed in the style of Buddhist Temple Food, which, as well as being vegan, also traditionally avoids pungent ingredients like garlic, onions, asafoetida, shallot and leeks which are thought to sometimes overexcite our systems.

The dish was invented by Executive Chef and Creative Director Andrea Waters, who says: “It was a known secret in nutrition circles that the 5-a-day target was invented because 10-a-day seemed too much and would put people off even trying. What we’re doing at Redemption is giving people the opportunity to get to that target in one delicious dish. So you can do what you like for the rest of the day!”

Soul Food Meditation and Brunch

unnamed-5Here at Redemption we are holistic bunch and so we are back by popular demand with our amazing meditation & brunch sessions in Notting Hill – another step in our journey to give people the space to ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ – rather a different type of lunch break, a bit of LA in London!

In a world in which many of us admit we are too busy to slow down and eat with mindfulness and appreciation and with scientific studies showing that eating too quickly can negatively impact our digestion, absorption of nutrients and overall health the Soul Food sessions are designed to provide the antidote.
“Guided meditation is a brilliant way for anyone to easily access the well-established physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation. The guided meditation at Redemption not only helps customers connect to their inner state of peace and wellbeing, but it allows the body to slow down, reset and repair, ensuring everyone is in the most optimal relaxed state to digest and absorb the delicious, nutritionally-packed food being served”, explained Sophie Purvis the meditation guide.

Monday 27th February 9.30am – 11am
Guided mediation followed by brunch

Buy your ticket here:

1. Daily Mail Online, 10 June 2013, “Britain’s minute meals: The average adult only spends 23 minutes A DAY eating breakfast, lunch and dinner”. Available here.
2. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, “How to heal your digestive problems naturally”. Available here.

Andrea Waters – Our Creative Director at Redemption Featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch

Andrea Waters – Our Creative Director at Redemption Featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch

Andrea Waters Creative Director at Redemption
Creative Director Andrea Waters

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Redemption?

I’m from New Zealand. I’m a classically trained chef and now I’m Creative Director at Redemption.

Our concept is to offer people a space away from all toxins and temptations – which is still a proper night out.

We are the only bar restaurant in London which is alcohol-free, sugar-free and wheat-free, as well as being vegan.

We like to think the toughest decision you’ll make is to come to Redemption and after that you can’t make a bad decision for yourself or the planet!

We have 2 bar restaurants in Notting Hill and Shoreditch, they are busy and we are getting really good feedback and reviews on Trip Advisor so it’s going well.

We are not preachy or holier than thou – we need Redemption as much as anyone else!
Why did you become a vegan?

I don’t actually label myself as a vegan. I love a plant-based diet because it’s healthy for me and it’s great for the future of the planet.

We have always been told to eat our greens – but there is now so much overwhelming evidence that a plant based diet is so good for you – you really can’t go wrong with fresh whole vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans.

Yes, man is an omnivore – BUT our diet is based on eating what we could hunt and gather and NOW factory farming animals isn’t healthy for us, for them or the planet.
What are the health benefits of a vegan diet?

One of the key benefits is that you’re getting your nutrients first hand from mother earth rather than filtered through another being.

You also get to avoid the anitbiotics and hormones which are being pumped into factory animals.

If you also choose complex carbohydrates like brown rice and avoid sugar then it’s a really healthy diet which lowers bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

How has veganism changed in the last few decades?

Vegetarianism was once seen as a hippy alternative lifestyle but has now become accepted and mainstream

50s years ago you would probably be a vegan for animal rights reasons, and be a hippy dippy, beardy sandal wearer (nothing wrong with that!)

But it feels like veganism is just at the tipping point of becoming mainstream and more accessible as evidenced by these dishes and products we’re going to have a look at.

Why do you think it has become so popular in recent years?

It’s becoming more popular as people have become more conscious of the effect animal products have on their body, and on the planet, as well as a rising consciousness about the inhumane treatment of animals.

What are your predictions for the future of veganism?

We like to think we are part of the movement to make it cool and exciting to make vegan choices.

If everyone could have one day a week off meat like #meatfreemonday and another day vegan, that would make a huge difference to the world. We would like to contribute to that.

Tell us a little bit about your pulled pork recipe?

It’s based on a traditional pulled pork recipe – I worked with Doctor Smoke a few years back, an American BBQ expert and I’ve learned a lot about pulled pork except we’ve substituted the sugar in the sauce with coconut sugar and maple syrup and we’ve substituted the pork for jackfruit.

Where is jackfruit from?

Jackfruit is from South East Asia and India, it’s an enormous tree fruit (the largest in the world), spikey fruit, grows up to nearly a meter.

The easiest way to get it is tinned from Asian supermarkets, get the young green jackgruit in brine (not syrup) – and it’s a great vegan storecupboard item.

Why is jackfruit a good substitute for pulled pork?

The reason why jackfruit works is because ripe it tastes a bit like an earthy pineapple with a bit of mango, but the young green flesh has the ability to take on any flavour that its cooked in. PLUS – it shreds!

Tell me about your aubergine “bacon” pancakes

These are the buckwheat & chia pancakes, one of our best selling brunch dishes in Redemption. We top it with coconut yoghurt, banana, maple syrup and pecan nuts.

We’ve been working on a vegan bacon substitute for a while now and we thought we’d share our work in progress with you before we put it with the panckakes on the menu.

I’ve sliced the aubergine thinly with a smokey glaze and baked it in the oven until crisp.

Why is aubergine a good substitute / “similar” to bacon?

If you think about having bacon for breakfast, it’s a thing of substance with a bit of sweetness and saltiness to it. So the aubergine works as it is spongy and able to take on sweet and salty flavour and then it has the ability to dry out and get crispy.

Aubergine is tipped to be the next avocado, why do you think this is?

Aubergines are fantastic but it’s a bit faddy to say that a vegetable is trendy or not. There is no such thing as the next avocado – it is mother nature’s perfect fast food!

Healthy tips for January

Healthy tips for January

As you guys will know, here at Redemption towers we are definitely not holier than thou. We need Redemption more than anyone else – why do you think we invented it?!

Admittedly we are somewhat regretting the decision to close operations for 10 days over yule since we are now feeling rather bilious and can’t get into our jeans. We need to get back on the Redemption wagon – fast! There are a few nice national schemes to help support us such as veganuary, dry janaury, dryathlon etc. But here’s our 3 top go-to detox and healthy ingredients and tips to get you back on top form and hitting those resolutions toute suite. Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself.

1. Beetroot

What it does:

Beetroot has been the focus of a great deal of clinical research in recent years – it’s very high in natural nitrates which the body converts into nitric oxide that regulates blood pressure. Liver health studies show betacyanin has a benefit on liver function helping to increase the detoxification enzymes that remove alcohol from the liver. And many of us need that after Christmas. Who can argue with this, it’s like PROPER SCIENCE?!

As seen in: our smoothie heart beats: we shake together cold pressed beetroot juice, coconut water, orange, lime and ginger juice. Delicious!

2. Chia

What it does: chia is the Mayan word for Strength – these tiny seeds are powerhouses of nutritious energy, extremely filling and low in calories. They are also remarkably high in Omega 3 as well as soluble fibre and easily digestible protein, filling you up and keeping you energized for longer. Chia is as close to a perfect food as you can get.

As seen in: our best-selling instagram-favourite buckwheat & chia pancakes served with coconut yoghurt and seasonal fruit; and in our protein-rich superhero shake designed for post-workouts – a blend of bananas, blueberries, almond milk, chia, cacao and hemp.

3. Coconut

What it does: Coconut contains lauric acid, which has strong antiviral properties and can block the way viruses enter our cells and multiply. It has the ability to kill a wide range of harmful pathogens making it an effective way to help treat or prevent infections and viruses.

As seen in: erm, our entire menu! It’s our no.1 source of ingredients. We use coconut water, milk, yoghurt, oil and sugar. Does this justify moving head office to Thailand, we wonder?

Check out our daytime menu here and our evening menu here.

a tour around the healthiest autumn menu in London

As the nights draw in, the wind picks up and the leaves fall, we finally accept summer is behind us. Sob! But now we embrace the richer, earthier tastes of autumn and look forward to the mysterious promise of Halloween, Bonfire Night and beyond.

It might be tempting to succumb to sausages and mash, but here at London’s healthiest restaurant we have a mission to create super healthy food which is exciting, delicious and satisfying. Here are a few highlights from our new autumn menu, which we are really excited about. We hope you will love it too.

We’ve been serving our amazing nerone black rice risotto with English asparagus and peas all summer, but now the dish will excite the umami palette with the deep rich flavours of seasonal wild mushrooms and earthy porcini. Customers are genuinely incredulous that this dish is vegan and gluten-free.

We love a bit of spice in our lives and so we’ve added firecracker cauliflower – sticky baked cauliflower florets with a ginger, garlic, chilli and tamari sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds. This works beautifully as a sharer with our grilled aubergine and tahini (with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and fresh micro basil).

Many of you will be aware of our mighty-instagrammable buckwheat pancakes and now we are giving them an autumn twist by serving them with banana, caramelised pecans and maple syrup – hmmm, resistance is futile!

We have an exciting new range of desserts with vanilla and acai cheesecake, a festive pumpkin pie, and a totally indulgent ruby forest gateau – layers of rich chocolate mousse on a crunchy nutty chocolate base with raspberries and vanilla cream. And yes they are STILL low in natural sugars, gluten-free, wheat-free and bursting with only good fats.

On top of that we are getting great feedback from our newly extended drinks menu, full of smoothies, raw juices, alcohol-free cocktails and beautiful warming teas and lattes.

Overall we hope we have delivered one of the most exciting top vegan restaurant menus in London, and a great place for eating out if you want to spoil yourself without spoiling yourself. We hope to welcome you soon.

Here are the menus for you to browse:

Notting Hill weekday daytime menu

Notting Hill weekday evening menu

Notting Hill weekend daytime menu

Shoreditch daytime menu

Welcome to London

Welcome to London

Given that London is the no.1 tourist destination in the world and we are now heading into holiday season, we wanted to give a big welcome to all our overseas visitors. We are ignoring all the boring political things that are happening, and we hope you feel totally welcome and have a lovely time in our city. We’d be honoured if you’d come and visit us, arguably the healthiest restaurant in London, described by some as the best vegan restaurant in London. We are located near Portobello market in Notting Hill and in the middle of Shoreditch, the party capital of London, where you might #needRedemption. Don’t forget to bring the sun with you!

Étant donné que Londres est la destination touristique no.1 dans le monde et nous sommes maintenant à la tête dans la saison des vacances, nous avons voulu donner une grande bienvenue à tous nos visiteurs d’outre-mer . Nous ignorons toutes les choses politiques ennuyeux qui se passe , et nous espérons que vous vous sentez totalement bienvenue et un agréable séjour dans notre ville . Nous serions honorés si vous souhaitez venir nous rendre visite , sans doute le plus sain restaurant à Londres, décrit par certains comme le meilleur restaurant végétalien à Londres . Nous sommes situés près du marché de Portobello à Notting Hill et dans le milieu de Shoreditch , la capitale de la fête de Londres, où vous pourriez #needRedemption . Ne pas oublier d’apporter le soleil avec vous!

Teniendo en cuenta que Londres es el destino turístico número 1 en el mundo y ahora estamos dirigiendo en temporada de vacaciones , hemos querido dar una gran bienvenida a todos nuestros visitantes extranjeros . Estamos ignorando todas las cosas aburridas políticos que se están produciendo , y esperamos que usted se sienta totalmente bienvenido y tienen un precioso tiempo en nuestra ciudad . Nos sería un honor si lo venga a visitarnos , posiblemente el restaurante más saludable en Londres , descrito por algunos como el mejor restaurante vegetariano en Londres. Estamos ubicados cerca del mercado de Portobello en Notting Hill y en medio de Shoreditch , la capital de la fiesta de Londres, donde es posible que #needRedemption . No se olvide de traer el sol con usted!

Dato che Londra è la meta turistica numero 1 al mondo e ora stiamo andando in stagione delle vacanze , abbiamo voluto dare un grande benvenuto a tutti i nostri visitatori stranieri . Stiamo ignorando tutte le cose politiche noiose che stanno accadendo , e speriamo sentire completamente il benvenuto e hanno un bel tempo nella nostra città . Saremmo onorati se saresti venuto a trovarci , forse il ristorante più sano di Londra , descritto da alcuni come il miglior ristorante vegano a Londra . Siamo situati vicino al mercato di Portobello a Notting Hill e nel mezzo di Shoreditch , la capitale del divertimento di Londra, dove si potrebbe #needRedemption . Non dimenticate di portare il sole con te!

Our Instagram Favourites

Our Instagram Favourites

Hello and Happy Friday! We’ve been busy bees here at Redemption Bar as we start plotting Redemption for the Spring and Summer seasons. If you’re still feeling a bit chilly as we wave goodbye to dark nights and pack away our mittens, check out Andrea’s top 5 winter warming ingredients. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands this weekend, have a go at making your very own bliss balls using our own Redemption Bar recipe.

If you’re popping in for a bowl of Redemption don’t forget to upload your lovely pictures and tag us so yours can make it to our next favourites list!

A little bit of sanity. Buckwheat #pancakes with pear. #sundayfunday #redemptionbar #brunchmenu A photo posted by Aleksandra Rogowska (@ola1) on

This caught my eye today… #textart #lighting #font #photooftheday #lifequotes #redemptionbar

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• When you almost order the entire menu ( not all food pictured ) • A photo posted by Anna Sproul ॐ (@annasproul) on

Marble tables + pretty smoothies @redemptionbar A photo posted by @shannonbeer on

Thank you for all your lovely snaps – keep up the beautiful work and have a lovely weekend!

Seeking Redemption in London Fashion Week

Seeking Redemption in London Fashion Week

So as you, your mum and your cat will all know, London Fashion Week has brought the city to a swanky standstill with designers showing of their unique collections and predicting trends.

Naturally, we immediately began to seek Redemption, and here’s what we found:

There are definitely traces of our Beet-O-Tini on Xiao Li’s AW16 runway:

Ashish’s AW16 collection made us feel like a load of models had had a beautiful battle with a packet of jumbo crayons and the result makes our hearts so happy – much like our Elderflower Fizz too!

Temperly London’s collection was just ridiculously beautiful… the mix of colours reminded us of our Raw Goddess Salad.

Raw Goddess Salad (2)

This outfit from Lantern Sense layered stunning neutral tones, topped off with cherry coloured ear muffs – which got us dreaming about our Chocolate and Vanilla cheesecake…

Redemption Bar is arguably London’s healthiest restaurant, serving up vegan, sugar-free, and wheat-free food with an alcohol-free bar. Our two restaurants in Notting Hill and Shoreditch are being described by many as the best vegan restaurants in London. Our motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’, and our ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves. Come and visit London’s top alcohol-free, vegan bar – or order in via the luxury delivery service SUPPER if you live in central London.

Our latest Instagram Favourites

Our latest Instagram Favourites

We’ve been sooooo busy recently, which we love – especially because it means there’s more gorgeous Instagram photos of you all seeking Redemption for us to drool over. So we’ve chosen a few of our favourites (which was extremely difficult to narrow down!) and have featured them below – make sure to tag us in your foodie pic so you can be included next time!

#VeganValentinesday with #mom 💗💗💗🌟🌟🌟 #London #Redemptionbar #Veganfood

A photo posted by Mila Ridella (@milalula) on

If you’re as hungry as us after all that, feel free to pop in – we’d love to see you!

Who is having the best sex this Valentine’s Day?

Who is having the best sex this Valentine’s Day?

We have just announced that due to popular demand we will be opening on Sunday evening in Shoreditch for Valentine’s Day.  We know our lovely Redemptioners always have a spring in their step – and we started looking into why:

1. What women want

For a start recent research has discovered that modern women have expanded on their love of a sense of humour; they now value altruistic men and those who are environmentally aware and kind to animals. It follows, then, that men with a conscience should be getting plenty of female attention.   Leonardo di Caprio anyone?!

2. Get inspired

Potassium, vitamin B and zinc (found in foods such as pine nuts, figs, almonds, asparagus, celery, and chickpeas) all help the body to produce sex and desire-inducing hormones, so perhaps people eating a plant-based diet are more likely to initiate sex than their meat-eating counterparts?

3. Get your blood pumping

Everyone knows that red meat contributes to clogged arteries, while a vegan diet is fabulously low in fat and avoids all the synthetic hormones associated with meat-based diets – two key elements in getting your blood flowing. If your blood is pumping that means better erections and more multiple orgasms.  In fact, thanks to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (a US consortium of some 10,000 doctors) we have the brilliant hashtag #ItsNotYouItsMeat.

4. Drink in the atmosphere


Overdoing it on the booze can seriously effect both parties’ performance, causing erectile dysfunction in men, and less intense orgasms for women. Not to mention the likelihood of forgetting the best bits as we engage in our national pastime of ‘unconscious coupling’.

So as we said in the Evening Standard recently, guess who is having the best sex on Valentine’s night?!  

Redemption Bar is arguably London’s healthiest restaurant, serving up vegan, sugar-free, and wheat-free food with an alcohol-free bar. Our two restaurants in Notting Hill and Shoreditch are being described by many as the best vegan restaurants in London. Our motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’, and our ethos is rooted firmly in caring for the planet, its animals, and ourselves. Come and visit London’s top alcohol-free, vegan bar – or order in via the luxury delivery service SUPPER if you live in central London.