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Christmas at Redemption

We all love Christmas, but it’s a time when many of us spend, consume and waste much more than usual.  We don’t want to be a grinch so we have come up with a solution which mean you can spoil yourself without spoiling yourself – with bells on!

Did you know that one kilo of either beef or lamb can cause more greenhouse gas emissions than a passenger flying from London to New York? (click here for the source of this remarkable fact)

Let’s face it, Christmas is not a very nice time of the year for turkeys and even cheese has a high carbon footprint so the IDEAL choice for the planet overall is vegan.

So, Andrea has put together the most gorgeous, nutritious and luxurious Christmas spectacular menu, even managing to convince Mrs Payne to share her secret recipe for the best nut roast in the world.  Here is the menu in all its glory.  Do please book in (6 or more) and enjoy this wonderful festive feast with us in Notting Hill in December.

Give us a call on 020 7313 9041 to book your meal.

We’re open as usual until Friday 23rd December when we will close after lunch.  We’re back on Tuesday 3rd January for lunch.


Redemption in the Spotlight

Redemption in the Spotlight

People have been saying some really lovely things about us recently. So we thought we’d neatly wrap them up in a little blog post for you… call it a cocoon of reviews if you will. A cosy cocoon that is turning into a beautiful butterfly. Have we taken this metaphor too far? Right you are. On with the show….


The Daily Mail:

Basically, they liked us. We feel like the Regina George of Journalism has just told us she likes our shirt and now we’re only ever going to wear this shirt you know? We’re so glad they enjoyed it and we weren’t left feeling personally victimised.

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Grazia created a cheeky poll asking it’s readers whether or not they’d go to an alcohol-free bar. We voted yes, but then we are slightly biased. Luckily the majority of you so far seem to agree, with the yeses holding 76% of votes (ATOW)

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Visit London

These lovely people featured us on their list of the best healthy restaurants in London. Suppose we’ll have to agree to agree.

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Oh So London

Oh So London said we were pretty darn splendid – but don’t take our word for it – take theirs…

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The Blondoner

“The best thing about this place is when I walked out of the restaurant, I didn’t feel the slightest bit sick or bloated. I actually felt amazing!”

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