What was the inspiration for Redemption?

What was the inspiration for Redemption?

What was the inspiration for Redemption?

To most, the concept of an alcohol-free bar in boozy Britain seems ludicrous. And then to build a business on dining without our favourite social lubricant? Well, it seems like a recipe for disaster.

But I saw potential.

We’re bombarded with temptation to drink everywhere we go, and within the social setting this can often be overbearing. The problem of binge drinking in the UK has been well documented, but even if you want to have a night away from booze it’s often hard to resist.

Inspired by my international travels, the idea for Redemption came to me while I was working in marketing at Virgin. I realised that people were looking for ways to incorporate health and nutrition into their everyday lifestyles.

Health and fitness trends had always been fashionable, but I noticed that the hospitality industry was still lagging behind. There was nowhere that accommodated for this lifestyle within the urban setting.

I noticed the lack of places with the kind of vibe you’d find in a cool bar, but without the alcohol.

For those attempting ‘Dry Jan’ (or just wanting a Sunday morning without the hangover) socialising was always problematic. There were no spaces where you could be free from the constant temptation of booze.

Enter Redemption.